Jun 08

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I need your help!

I need your help!!

We want to generate a Word Cloud capturing the key things people like about the club. In case you don’t know, a Word Cloud analyses a piece of text and generates an image with all of the key words scaled by how often they get repeated. They look really cool, and help highlight the main things people love about Woodcraft.

We plan to submit this to the Woodcraft Folk ‘design a hoody’ competition. The deadline for which is Monday, so I need to get a wriggle on and pull all of this together. http://www.woodcraft.org.uk/news/woodcraft-folk-needs-you

So what I would like is emails from members and/or parents with a brief list or description of what you love so much about Woodcraft Folk. I will collate all of this and generate our word cloud this weekend.

So please can you send me this by Saturday at the latest.

You can put your text in any form, a bullet list of stuff you like, a paragraph or two, just a bunch of random musings, basically whatever suits you.

Please send these to jonathan@lisswoodcraftfolk.org.uk (by Saturday evening)

Thanks for helping with this!!

Here’s an example that I generated from the text on this website but it would be much better if we had one generated from the members own words, thoughts and opinions.