Jun 18

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National Woodcraft Folk News: June 2011

Welcome to the Woodcraft Folk’s June 2011 newsletter. This is our monthly rundown of the stories that are being published on our website, and other small items. We hope you are finding the e-mail newsletter useful. If you have any comments about its design or content, we would like to hear them. Please contact us at feedback@woodcraft.org.uk. If you have any news for the website or newsletter, please contact at editor@woodcraft.org.uk.

View from the Chair

At this time of year, groups are venturing to their stores to get out their marquees, putting together their grub kits and stocking up on insect-repellent in anticipation for their approaching summer camps. Many groups attended CoCamp pre-camp in May, offering districts the chance to meet with the neighbouring villages in their town to integrate, debate and make decisions about what their town and what their CoCamp will look like. For those attending it was a small taster of the cooperative atmosphere that CoCamp will be built on.

Every participant of CoCamp will make the camp what it is – it is your camp! Like an extended district camp, the programme will consist of groups and districts sharing what you do on group nights and your local camps. CoCamp is the time to share what we know and we do so well, to gain inspiration and to inspire others. CoCamp is designed with Elfins and Pioneers in mind, the two age groups with our largest denomination of members. In the past months we’ve seen Otterburn Elfins help carry out an environmental survey in Northumberland; Wolverhampton Elfins and Pioneers taking part in a Creative Reuse project, making their own creations from recycled materials; and Northwood Elfins sending letters to the Prime Minister in light of the spending cuts. What activities do you do with your group that other people could have the pleasure of participating in at CoCamp?

This months’ View from the Chair is from Deputy Chair Carly. She talks about the inspiring variety of activities and challenges Woodcraft groups are taking on in the rest of her article here, and celebrates the contribution of Woodcraft’s many committed volunteers.

A report on this year’s Annual Gathering

AG 2011 was held in Walesby Forest Scout Centre, near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. It’s a nice venue, the same place that CoCamp will be held in August. On Friday, since it was a bank holiday, most people arrived in the early afternoon. After getting up our tents there were workshops – I attended an interesting and heated discussion about sexism in the Woodcraft Folk. In the evening, soup was eaten and campfires were lit.

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Annual Gathering 2011 – Election Results & Motions Passed

The full minutes will be published shortly, but here’s a summary of the election results and motions passed at this year’s Gathering.

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Your Annual Gathering

Annual Gathering is the main way for members and groups in Woodcraft Folk to have their say and shape the movement. We want to make this event as accessible, engaging and democratic as possible for you, so we’re collecting your views in a survey.

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CoCamp News

After our fantastic PreCamp we now only have two and a half months to go until CoCamp and the excitement is mounting. Now is the time to consolidate all the work that has been done already and continue to construct our cooperative community in these last weeks before we realise it at CoCamp.

Below this story you will find:

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Myths and Legends at Exeter camp

Costumes, games and mealtimes were themed around myths and legends at Exeter’s spring camp, which was given glowing praise by the children and young people involved, especially the Elfins.

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Cudham Pioneer Bivvy

Monday, 16 May 2011

We are going to have a one night hike + bivvy on Saturday 2nd July and are hoping that even more districts will take part this year.

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Shadwell Basin Water Activity Day

Cherrywood Pioneers joined other Pioneer groups from across London to enjoy a variety of activities at Shadwell Basin.

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Brighthelmstone’s Action Project gets started

Chaos Venturers, part of Brighthelmstone district, has just started a project that aims to get young people thinking about climate change by screen printing designs on canvas bags.

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Venturer Committee Update

Venturer Committee is made up of 15 friendly Venturers from across the UK, who were elected at Venturer Camp to form the first Venturer Committee. We’ve had 2 productive meetings since the summer.

Venturer Committee was set up after discussions within the national Woodcraft Folk movement and a motion proposed at Annual Gathering 2010. Its aim is to empower Venturers and give Venturers more of a say on a national level.

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Right to Refuge!

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be a refugee or an asylum seeker? To never know if tomorrow you’re going to be forced to go back to the country you’re fleeing from?

We want to help and Refugee Week, June 20–26th, is an opportunity for you and your local Woodcraft group to do just that!

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