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Jun 14

Our word cloud

Thanks to everyone that contributed. Just to recap, we asked members to jot down everything they liked about Woodcraft Folk. We then fed this into a word cloud generator, which effectively analyses the text and scales the words based on how much they are used. This gives us a single image that captures the things …

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Jun 12

Previously at Liss Woodcraft Folk…

June 10th 2011 – Pond dipping and making shrinkies… Watch on YouTube   At the end of the pond dipping Bill put some of the water samples under the microscope and captured these images. According to Bill “the most interesting thing here is the tematode (first picture) which has recently eaten a meal, it does …

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Jun 07

Liss Village Day – Update

Thanks everyone for all the donated cakes on Saturday. We made £180 for the club.

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