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Pioneers is the group for children 9 to 11 year olds and runs 7pm – 9pm on Friday evenings, usually (but not always) at the Triangle Centre in Liss.

For this age range on a typical evening there is the following available:

  • Table Tennis, Snooker, Pool, Air Hockey, Table Football, Trampolines, Hula Hoops, Dance Mats, Computer Games (X-Box, Playstations 2 & 3, Nintendo Wii’s with Guitar Hero), Music, Karaoke and a Tuck Shop.
  • Craft Activities to develop self expression for example jewellery making, building bird homes, painting and more. Recently our work was displayed on the gallery wall in the Triangle Centre.
  • Learning new skills in football, basketball, cricket and cooking.
  • Special events occur regularly for example swimming at Rake school, Battlefront games in QE Park, pond dipping and Fish and Chips in Gosport or at the end of term beach party.
  • Visits to Fernhill allotments. Several evenings a year are spent at Fernhill Allotments. These allotments had been unused for a long time and the council rent them to us for our sole use. They needed a lot of work to clear them of weeds and bracken but now make a great setting for Barbeques, Wide Games, Treasure Hunts, Campfires, Football, Woodwork (yes, we do sometimes make things out of wood!). We recently used this space for a “sleeping under the stars” evening where children built their own shelters using cardboard boxes and tarpaulins.

For details of membership cost, click here.

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