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Venturers is for children senior school upwards and runs from 8pm – 10pm usually (but not always) in the Triangle Centre in Liss.

As the young people mature they are allowed an hour of freely chosen activity when they can socialise with their friends. They may help run the tuck shop, take part in craft sessions, cook or search the internet with our very own laptops. They have use of all the clubs equipment. Between 9pm and 10pm they take part in a structured session which will include:

  • Games of their own choosing
  • Quizzes both general knowledge and music
  • Designing jewellery
  • Drama

The members of this group benefit by being invited on a regular basis to accompany the 3rd Place on many of their trips some of which take place in the half term holiday. Most recently they were included in a trip to the Water Margin for Chinese food.

For details of membership cost, click here.

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